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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Down 5 pant sizes! Woo! Hoo!

I went to the store the other day to try on some new pants. I decided to grab a size 16 thinking that would probably be a little small but a good place to start. Well...it was actually still to big! I am now down to a size 14! I haven't been in a size 14 since before I was pregnant with my daughter. That has been over 17 years ago. It felt really good to put on a cute pair of jeans. I have gone down from a size 24 to a 14 in almost 6months. I am feeling good and really glad I got the vertical sleeve surgery.

I had to say Goodbye to Michael

Yesterday, was a sad day for me. I had to say goodbye to my monkey, Michael. Michael has become very aggressive in the past few weeks.I know he's a monkey! But, he ended up biting my son Rick, who has helped me take care of him for the past 4 years. Then... the next day he ended up biting me. A pretty good bite I must say! We have been a very busy family and have moved into the city. So, it's kind of hard to own any animals. Plus, some new laws are coming into play on owning primates. I ended up giving Michael back to the lady I bought him from. She came to pick him up yesterday. So, now I am one of those stupid monkey owners who failed to take care of yet another primate. But, I must say it was a wonderful experience. I am not sorry that I took that chance on owning primates and I'm glad as of right now, we still have that right to make a decision to own a primate or to not own one.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Lost a Total of 54 Ibs!

I am working into week 14 since my Vertical Sleeve surgery. I am feeling back to myself now. My energy is good and I feel great! I have lost a total of 54 lbs! I am falling out of my pants which is an awesome feeling. It is really nice to get out some of my fall clothes and not have to worry if my pants will be to tight. Actually, everything that I wear now is pretty loose even my tennis shoes. I am really glad I got this surgery done. I had a bit of a rough start with and infection and a rash but it was so worth the weight loss that I am experiencing. In the beginning of this journey I started at 278 my highest weight ever. I am now at 224 and my goal is 160. I have 65 more pounds to go.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My first Youtube video on my Vertical Sleeve surgery

A week Post Op

Well...today it has been a week since my Vertical Sleeve surgery. My highest weight was 278 when I started this whole process. My pre-surgery weight was 263.6. Now, a week later my weight is 258.6. I've been doing pretty well for this past week. Yesterday was my hardest day. I was very emotional and sore. They say that it is normal to have the weight loss blues because of all the changes that are going on in my body. But, it doesn't make those days any easier. My eating has changed drastically. I wouldn't even call it eating anymore. I get about 8 ounces of a protein shake which is spread throughout the day. I can get about 1 to 2 ounces of soup and then sips of low calorie liquids. My vitamin takes about 5 mins to eat. I split that into 3's and chew very carefully and swallow and wait a minute an then do it again. I know...it sounds very weird but I don't want to throw it up. Now, with all this craziness it's really weird how much energy I have. I'm only getting maybe 300 calories but I go to sleep between 11 and midnight and then I'm wide awake at like 7:30am. I try to take naps like I always did and I just lie there. This is very weird for me because I have always been a sleeper. I loved sleeping! I have so much energy that I just don't know what to do with it. Tomorrow I get to check in with the doctor and see where I go from there. I'll keep you posted.